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"It is well known that Businesses have been utilizing SEO techniques with proven success for years now. All we are doing is applying these same proven SEO and Web 2.0 techniques to your job search with the same successful results." - Greig Wells      As seen in the Careers Market Place of the Wall Street Journal Jan 2010 WSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street JournalWSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street Journal   

WSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street Journal  WSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street Journal


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"These 2 simple strategies are what set apart those with great jobs,
from those who are still looking for great jobs and are at the unemployment line."

Secret #1

You need a Web 2.0 and SEO strategy to be found by recruiters.

  • People are getting hired every day on Google and LinkedIn because they are being FOUND.

  • Google is the king of Internet Search and the first place most recruiters look for free resumes.

  • If you are Not on Google Front Page for your key words, your chances of being found are slim.

  • If your network has 100 people in it you can only be found by 2.5% of the LinkedIn community, with a LinkedIn network of 500+ connections you can be found by 90% of LinkedIn recruiter

  • When a recruiter does a LinkedIn search they can only view the top 100 results so if you are
    not on the first few pages it is impossible for them to contact you about their job opening.

  • Only experienced recruiters will know how to find you on Google so weed out of all those entry level recruiters who are wasting your time and don't ever really help you at all.

Secret #2

You need a UVP Brand to position yourself as an employee of choice.

A UVP Brand is a promise
of what you can deliver based on what you have delivered in the past.

Traditional branding coaches are teaching UPV Unique Personal Value

  •  Expert Recruiters know that companies don't hire because of UPV, they hire for UVP which is Unique Value Promise. Big difference!  You won't get hired if you don't have a Unique Value Promise.

  • Keep hearing your skills won't translate to our industry? That is because you are not showing them a promise of what you can do, you are just telling them you can do it and why should they believe you.

  • Not getting calls for interviews consistently? A brand by definition needs to be reinforced everywhere not just in your resume but in your digital footprint.  What is your UPV Brand reinforcement strategy?

  • Getting interviews but not getting hired? Then you are not reinforcing your UVP brand at your  interviews which is creating a disconnect in the expectations of the hiring manager.

  • How do you find out what UVP Brand (Solution) your audience really wants to hire? Don't Guess!!!

"My proven expertise is in helping you design and communicate your UVP Brand so employers will be competing and bidding for your talented services."  - Greig Wells Executive Recruiter/
As seen in the Careers Market Place of the Wall Street Journal Jan 2010
WSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street JournalWSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street Journal   

WSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street Journal  WSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street Journal

The Video above tells you how to do everything yourself but many of you have asked us to do it for you,
Which why we have launched our We-Do-It For You Job Search Service so You can Be Found Fast.

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 Delivers on BOTH of These Secret Job Search Strategies 
with a 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee
Here is Exactly What We Will Do For You:

  • Be on Front Page of Google for Your Key Words

  • Be on Front Page of LinkedIn Search for your Position

  • Expand Your LinkedIn network by over 500 contacts

  • Define your Unique 'UVP Career Brand'

  • Ensure Your Resume's Brand Building Power

  • SEO Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Be Found

  • Establish an Automated Twitter Job Search Strategy

  • This is Not just We Teach You, WE-Do-IT For you!

This would take you weeks and over 35 hours to complete,
 We will do it all for you in 5 Days!

Even if you know absolutely nothing about Social Networking,
your dream job can still find you with 
because We-Do-It For you to save you countless hours.

What Good is a Killer Resume if No One Can Find it?

BeFoundJobs works for all professions and all industries and for people from all over the world.

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Because we do everything manually for our customers we are limited to how many people we can help each month.

We will be reopening again on
Wednesday January 20 @ 2PM EST
to help 25 customers ONLY. awesome offer includes...

1. I will show you step by step how to easily define your unique UVP Brand, build a resume that identifies you as an employee of choice, and optimize your LinkedIn profile to reinforce your UVP Career Brand in an easy to follow 30 minute video webinar that is our very best training. With a UVP Career Brand your value and your skills will translate across multiple industries and position types especially helping those of you changing industries or professions.  Priceless

2. Our team will post your resume to the internet using SEO optimization and insider knowledge about how recruiters search Google so that you show up on the first page of Google for your keywords, usually in the very first spot. If we do not get your resume onto Google page one for your keywords we will refund your money.

3. Our team will use advanced SEO strategies to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can be easily found in the LinkedIn search results for your key words. We will also share with you the top 3 tips that ensure you will be the first person a recruiter calls when searching for your skill set on LinkedIn. Once you have completed the optimization tweaks I will personally review your LinkedIn profile to make sure it is optimized properly and offer any additional advice from my experience.

4. Our team will explode your LinkedIn network to over 500+ connections ensuring that you will be found by recruiters and companies that are searching LinkedIn everyday to find employees with your skills.  Each of the 500 connections we make for you has over 1000 connections in their own network giving you visibility with over 40,000,000 users on LinkedIn. This would take you weeks and countless hours to build up on your own.

5. We will join for you the top 8 LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers and recommend the top LinkedIn groups for your industry saving you countless hours of research and time spent growing your network , utilizing LinkedIn Groups strategically is our Secret Weapon to getting massive exposure.

6. Our team will implement for you a custom Twitter Job Search Strategy that will all run automatically for you saving you countless hours every week and bringing hot job openings right to your inbox. You will never need to do anything on Twitter yourself. In fact I recommend you not use Twitter in your job search and I will tell you why. These job leads you will get from Twitter are red hot because you are getting them before they hit the job boards.

7. We will Tweet your resume to over 10,500 recruiters and hiring managers that are following us, giving you massive exposure fast! It would take you countless hours and months to build this following yourself on Twitter.

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We can do it all Discretely for you if you are working and don't want people to know

What would it be worth to have your
Dream Job Find You Fast?

Many have told us they would easily pay $495.00 for this package.
But Because we want to make this affordable for everyone we have
Reduced the Investment to
1 Payment of only $348.00

2 payments of only $194.00

See Limited Time Pre-Launch Special Below

If thanks to our service you get back to work just one week sooner then you would have without us then this service more then pays for itself because every week you are out of work you are missing out on income.

If thanks to our service you have 2 job offers to choose from instead of just settling for the first offer that comes along you will be able to negotiate from a place of leverage because you will have choices.

Sold Out

fyi - In December we sold out within 48 hours of opening and that was a slow month. lol

We will be reopening again on
Wednesday January 20 @2PM EST
to help 25 customers ONLY.

Many, Many people just like you are saying Thank You for all that has done for them just check out a few of our testimonials.

  1.  Brenda Scaglione, Vice President of Marketing  

     I hadn’t gotten any calls in the last few weeks for interviews in my industry which is dying out and I was starting to lose hope until now. Sure enough my resume is already on to page one of Google for my key words, I’ve already gotten 13 views online in my first week and one call for an interview. This was all I really wanted but the branding strategy was flat out awesome, I have a whole new resume and strategy now, better then the resume I purchased from a resume writer for $150 last month. I will tell all my friends about your great service Greig. Thank you so much!

    Jonathan Gale,  VP of Technology/Director of IT

    People like me in technology or marketing that get the web, are wondering how you are offering all of this for such a low price. I love your service because it gets real tangible results that I can see and track. I can see my resume views, my network growth, my placement on page one of the search engines and LinkedIn. I now feel that I am doing absolutely everything I can to get back to work fast. I am so glad someone in my LinkedIn network recommended me to Greig. I will tell all my friends about your great service Greig.

    Matt Simpson, Sales & Marketing Professional

    I was skeptical at first if being on Google would even help me in my job search, but Greig was able to get my resume to the #1 position when I searched some, not all of my keywords and as a result I have had three interviews and over 100 looks at my resume within a week of Greig getting my resume online. This rocks and I would absolutely recommend this to all my friends and family members!

    Dave Wesley, Executive CEO & President

    Greig delivered the results as promised in a very quick and professional manner. I am impressed by his knowledge and desire to help achieve the results I am looking for.
    In my opinion, Greig is a top professional with a product that delivered the results as promised. I certainly would recommend Greig and his product.

    April Williams, Career Coach & Job Search Advisor

    As career coach, I see the results job seekers get from following Greig’s solid advice. The tangible tactics he provides get you in front of recruiters and hiring mangers who are looking for you. The job market is picking up and companies need your skills. Let Greig put you on the front page of Google so these hiring managers can find you.  April Williams, Career Coach,

    Camille Jackson,  Sourcer/Recruiter
    I am actually a sourcer for my recruiting team. I went to this link and watched the videos and was so pleased that there is someone out there actually making my job of finding and recruiting qualified candidates a little easier. Thank you again!

    Happy Networking,

    Click here to view 129 Testimonials
    from our clients in last 4 months

Also included for those who act now 5 Special Bonuses
for our first 10 customers Only because
these coaching bonuses take our personal time to deliver.

Bonus #1

Resume Writer Service. Since we are going to help you be found you are going to need to have a killer resume to land interviews so we are including our Resume Writer Service which sells alone for $148.00. You will receive our full Resume Writer Instructional Video and then you can submit your resume to us for a personal review and critique where we will provide custom advice for you via a one-time telephone consultation.

Bonus #2

Get All of your Job Search questions answered  including any questions you have about branding or being found with this special group coaching call LIVE webinar focused meeting your needs and delivering solutions unique to your job search situations. ($48 Value)

 Bonus #3

Get All of your Social Media questions answered with a special "Beginners" social media group coaching call. Limited space so we have time to answer ALL of your questions about anything related to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Blogging, and anything Social Media related.    ($48 Value)

 Bonus #4

Sometimes you don't know what you don't know until somebody tells you so we will include a personal one on one Job Search Consultation by phone with one of our partner coaches, where we will perform a GAP analysis on what has been working in your job search and what you might want to consider changing or adding. Valued at $200.00

   Bonus #5

We will give an instructional video that shows you step by step exactly how we do it all: the Google optimization, LinkedIn optimization, and Twitter automation so if you ever need to use this again you will know how to do all of this yourself or just incase you are curious how we do what we do to get such great results for you. Valued at $99.00

These Bonuses Alone have legit value of  Over $543.00
Theses bonuses require our personal time and attention, they are not just throw-ins.

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee
You may review all of our insider strategies and recruitment secrets for as long as you want, we will send you detailed videos showing you step by step what we are going to do to help you be found and create a winning career brand. If you review these videos and for any reason you feel these techniques will not help you in your unique situation or you are not 100% completely satisfied with your purchase then you may notify us by e-mail that you do not wish to proceed with implementing the We-do-it For you services and we will refund 100% of your purchase.  We guarantee to put you in the right places so you can be found and called first when a job opens in your field. You are purchasing our insights and labor to perform these services for you. No service or person can honestly guarantee you a job and we do not make this claim as only the job market and yourself really control this. We get you in the door by helping you be found and creating a winning career brand.

Enrollment Opportunity is Very Limited
Because everything we do for you is done manually we can only accept 25 enrollments at a time.

We Sold Out last month within 48 hours and we fully expect to sell out again because interest has been absolutely overwhelming since our exposure in the Wall St. Journal.

Pre-Launch Special

Our goal is to create 1000 raving fans of our service in  2010. Because you can help us reach this goal by spreading the word we need your help and we are willing to cancel your second payment and do everything for $194.00
 in exchange for you doing 2 simple things for us please:
        1. Just leave a comment on our blog reviewing our service
2. Just email 2 of your friends and tell them about us
You help us and we help you get found for half price,
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Get Everything Right Now for One Low Payment of $194.00

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We will be reopening again on Wed Jan 20 @ 2PM EST
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Get Everything Right Now for One Low Payment of $194.00

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As seen in the Careers Market Place of the Wall Street Journal Jan 2010 WSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street JournalWSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street Journal   

WSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street Journal  WSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street Journal

PS - You get everything you need to find your Dream Job fast for HALF PRICE just one low payment of $194.00 and it is 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Take control of your destiny now and click the button above to get started today so you don't miss out on your dream job that is searching for you right now.

My Mission is Helping One Person At a Time,

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Greig Wells

Founder of


More Reviews of

 Robert Riebe says:

I am very glad I was referred to Greig. At first I was not certain about what to expect, but I am so glad I followed through. In very short order Greig helped me understand the highpoints of Linkedin, Google and Twitter and has done a great job in getting me on the 1st page of Google. Additionally his navigating me through Twitter was an immense help. I would not be able to accomplish this on my own and I am certain that what we have developed together will begin to pay dividends very soon. Everyone needs to speak with Greig!

Good luck jobhunting

John Dash (in the UK) says: is providing an unbelievable service. For a job seeker what can be more than getting a #1 rank in Google and Linkedin for my CV. These two being very popular the chance of landing a job of choice is very high. As I am in a job now, I am utilizing this service to be found for my next job without alerting my current employer.

Vasudevan (from India) says:

The results as promised in a very quick and professional manner. I am impressed by his knowledge and desire to help achieve the results I am looking for. Greig’s personal attention to detail and willingness to walk me through the process, to gain understanding of it, was very informative and helpful to me
watched the videos and was so pleased that there is someone out there actually making my job of finding qualified candidates a little easier.I am appreciating with my deepest heart for the work done by this team. I am hoping that i will be starting to get calls from recruiters staring today.

Berry Moton says:

Greig and the services he provided me via were simply amazing. Prior to enlisted the help of Greig my job search was basically going nowhere. I am barely a week into his program and have had a number of legitimate career leads come my way. Everything he committed to he delivered. With his help and guidance my linkedin network has grown immensely with a number of new connections reaching offering leads that will hopefully lead to a career opportunity. He also showed me how to effective use twitter to my advantage as it relates to my job search. All these things I would not have done on my own, and I am confident that I am not headed in the right direction all thanks to Greig.

Jon G. says:’s exposure services are absolutely incredible! Before I enlisted Greig’s help I spent countless weeks scouring online job postings & classifieds with absolutely nothing to show for it. I even tried creating a LinkedIn profile on my own, but I didn’t really know how to market myself properly, or how to make my profile stand out & look impressive. As a result, I ended up with a whopping 3 “connections”–two close friends & one of their fathers, lol. Clearly I needed some guidance. I am now finally feeling optimistic about my job prospects and I’m confident that one of my upcoming interviews will pan out for me. Thanks for all your help, Greig!

Kendra says:

I am so glad I came across this video today. I realize that having Google and Linked In on my side is going to be a positive and beneficial idea in finding my dream job. I am happily surprised that the registration is simple, and that I can get free access now. By being in the top search results on Google, companies can find me quicker, and I don’t have to go hunting for them. This is a valuable tool for anyone currently looking for a job, as well as someone who would like to find a better position in their field. I can’t wait to get started!

Joe B. says:

As a VP of Marketing I know that SEO and Social Media work for business but until I met Greig I did not know how to apply these to my job search. Thanks so much for getting my resume onto the frontpage of Google and helping me be found on Linkedin and Twitter. I hjave already gotten several calls for interviews and 34 views in my first week.

 Robin says:

I am thrilled to have worked with Greig. His service has provided me with the stepping stones in landing my dream job, and because of his tireless effort in connecting me with a lot of people online, I have a much better chance of getting a job in this troubled economy. The work that was done by Greig and his team is just remarkable and I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for me.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Grieg.


James Hong says:

Welll it seems like a great idea, offering recognition on google in the same way that other people look for recognition for their product or website.
My only question is whether this would appeal to fairly new workers who have little experience in the job market, could they still find this useful too, and if how why?
But beside that possible concern I still think this is a good idea in order to help people have jobs find them.

Justin says:

I’m quite excited after going through this video.I’ve been looking for something like this only which can take my resume in front of millions.On many job hunting sites, its feel like my resume is in trash, this is the real deal you are talking about.
I like your idea, and I definitely be the part of this, ofcorse who doesn’t want their resume on top of such globally famous websites.

Ashley says:

I’ve used Google to look for a job but never thought about being found on Google until now. I have personally had great luck with is just typing whatever it is that you do into a search engine on the internet. This works because it searches all posts to all websites for those keywords. It is common sense that the opposite would also work, that recruiters would be on Google looking for me and I was never there before BeFoundJobs. Thank you Greig for helping me be found on Google and LinkedIn!


Angela Metalia says:

I have found that internet job hunting can be overwhelming. There are so many people starting fraudulent businesses. My tip would be to make sure that you always check for reviews of companies before sending them your personal information. Anyone can make up testimonials but Blog comments are tied to a specific IP address which validates that they are real. This may help cut down in wasted time and also help to make sure the company has a good reputation. Doing your research will help you weed out companies that have a bad reputation and performance record. Thats how I found

McSourcer Recruiter says:

There is someone out there actually making my job of finding qualified candidates a little easierby use of the 2 Insider Secrets to Finding a Great Job Fast method’s , services were excellent. I am very happy with the results I have received in a very short time. Greig was extremley professional and right on top of the latest in personal branding. Thanks for your help

Michael Kirkowski says:

I have found as an excellent tool for being found in the job search. Greig and his people have done everything they promised.
I highly recommend befoundjobs to anyone who is serious about finding a new job quickly. Time is money and the longer you are out of a job the more money you are losing.
Use this tool to shorten your job search and find that job you dream about.

 Peggy D. says:

I am delighted to recommend’s services. Not only did they accomplish the goals as promised, Greig was immediately responsive to all of my questions and inquiries. Taking this step was a positive move in terms of my profile and positioning. I truly appreciate Greig, the thoughtful and professional service he provides, and am glad I took the plunge.

 Claudia S. says:

After 2 months of clicking I finally got 40 connections on LinkedIn. Then a group member from a LinkedIn association sent me a message and I took the time to watch the video. Within 48 hours I have over 500+ connections and soon will start Twitter automation. I made fun of these tools socially before, but now I value the ‘discoverability’ social high tech tools can offer an active job seeker in the Seattle 98074 sales arena like me!- Thanks Greig and team.

Nelson says:

Until I discovered I considered Job hunting on the internet to be a waste of time. I have been to so many sites to post resumes or fill in the required personal info and got nothing but spam and junk emails. It makes you seem desperate to post a resume or apply to every so called job finding site out there. does it in such a better way I am so glad to be teamed up with Greg.

 Alan E. says:

You need balance of Being Found and going out seeking. The transparency Greig shows that he is a real person who can be trusted. The majority of people have yet to catch up to how useful a tool LinkedIn and Google could be. It is an uphill trek, because it is difficult times, but made a lot easier when working it from both ends. Thank you BeFoundJobs.

Mike McCullough says:

I subscribed to Greig’s service on August 20. Only 5 days later my resume was already listed in the #1 spot on Google for my key words, and I am also on page 1 of LinkedIn in the #3 spot. My connections quickly grew from 120 to almost 900, and my profile on LinkedIn is dramatically improved from what it was prior to Grieg’s service.
On Google, I have already gotten 30 views and 4 downloads, which is 30 more views and 4 more downloads than I would have had without Greig’s help.
I am so glad I found Grieg’s service in a discussion group on LinkedIn. Thanks so much Grieg, I recommend your service to anyone.

Rocky says:

I think its really important to get on the top of the page when someone is looking for candidate. Because if we will not be at the top then there is no chance of getting shortlisted by the recruiters. And with this technique if we will be on the top of the Google or LinkedIn result then its going to be awesome and we might get a dream job.
Thanks for sharing such a useful concept.

William  says:

Greig’s service dramatically expanded my Linkedin connections. Linkedin in is the premier networking tool worldwide. I am looking forward to expanding my global reach with the significantly expanded connections on my profile. I recommend the service to anyone wishing to do the same. 

 Jaime Arroyo says:

Before I got introduced to through a LinkedIn recommendation, I really spent three and a half months applying to jobs posted on the internet, jobs at ex-competitor’s sites, and networking on LinkedIn, and all of this using a great resume written by a professional. All this effort and I did not have anything to show as a result.

I guess because of the economy and political situation that caused so many job losses, there were not enough job offers on the market.

Is then when I got a recommendation to contact Greig, who even though on the first try was not able to provide his services because he was swamped in work, he had the character and kindness of personally answer to my e-mail and explain to me the importance of building my own brand and steps needed to publish this brand to gain the exposure I needed. He also encourage me and when you are on this situation a simple hang in there, you are doing it right, is worth a lot.

A couple of weeks ago, Greig had an opening for the “we do it for you” service. Since then my LinkedIn network have grown 500%, this exposure generated a couple of calls and I have people on my network who is helping me find a job. Many recruiters are now aware that I am on the market. Therefore the opportunity will show.

I have got all this results and Greig have not even finished his work on the Google and Twitter. Imagine the results that I will get when his work is finished.

Thank you very much Greig for your help, your ethics on the job and I will recommend you at any time.

All the best,

Jaime Arroyo

Nicholas says:

This is an amazing service. It works just as advertised. Frankly, I do not know even though I am in the technical field how Greig was able to use personal SEO to get me top linked in LinkedIn and the top of Google searches. Greig is terrific to work with and you get the feeling he really want to help you succeed.

I am not sure given the power of LinkedIn why traditional networking methods would be as valuable. Probably the shift is to social networking and interactive via the Internet.

David Romeu says:

Understanding and executing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes time and expertise. This critical component of the job search process is often not understood or overlooked by most job seekers. Greig Wells has truly identified an unmet need and delivered immediate results for me. My Linkedin Network expanded 1000% and I was ranked #1 on Google within the first week using Greig’s service. Greg Delivers!!

Steve R. says:

Greig and his team at have done a great job including getting my resume on the first page of Google. They have also increased my connections greatly, enhanced my Linkedin profile, added groups, etc. All these things will help me get noticed by Recruiters and Hiring Managers.

I highly recommend Greig and this service to job seekers.

 JB says:

I came up #1 on Google today! Amazing!

John Zaleski says:

I searched Google with my keywords and there I was on page 1. Also, I’m nearly at 900 connections on Linked In. This is a gain of nearly 700 connections in 3 days!

I highly recommend the service to job seekers.

Sean C. says: provides a phenomenal service at a time when a candidate needs to explore every approach to move ahead of other talented professionals. Greig increased my LinkedIn network by more than 1,000 contacts within the first week of the campaign. In fact, the connections came so fast that I’m still digging my way out from under the avalanche but doing so with a smile since more than 250 of the new contacts sent a personal e-mail with offers to advance my job search. With more than 75 hits and a growing number of downloads within the first 15 days of posting, he delivered on his promise to use SEO tactics so my resume would surface on page one of a Google search. The approach using Twitter as a source of leads is ingenious and there’s no question many opportunities surface on Twitter before showing up on the job boards or through any of the aggregator sites. Great job Greig

Ed Henkler says:

My network increased from 400 to more than 1500 in a week; 15-20% of the respondents connected with a personalized message and the new connections are an intriguing mix of recruiters, C-level contacts, and open networkers. Many interesting conversations have ensued and I have several consulting and job leads evolving. I’ve been very pleased with the results and modest cost to achieve them.

Bob Kuhn says:

By augmenting your traditional job search methods with, you will rapidly build awareness on both LinkedIn and Google. Within days my LinkedIn connections exploded to over 1,300 and I was also listed in the #1 position on Google for my specific area of expertise.
Everyone should consider using this tool as a tactic to shorten your job search campaign. Thank you Greig for developing this service.

Myron Wooley says:

Using Greig’s services has made a huge difference for me. I was getting very frustrated in my job search, even though I was already on LinkedIn. Within 2 days of Greig taking over, my phone started ringing. Recruiters that previously overlooked me suddenly started calling, and I am now back at work. It’s a temporary assignment, so I’m not stopping my search, but at least I can breathe again.
Thanks, Greig. You’re a lifesaver!

Get Everything Right Now for One Low Payment of $194.00

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As seen in the Careers Market Place of the Wall Street Journal Jan 2010 WSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street JournalWSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street Journal   

WSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street Journal  WSJ Career Market Place - Wall Street Journal

PS - You get everything you need to find your Dream Job fast for HALF PRICE just one low payment of $194.00 and it is 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Take control of your destiny now and click the button above to get started today so you don't miss out on your dream job that is searching for you right now.